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Scott Bartlett and Fudge Cat

Hello and thank you for visiting!

My name is Scott and frontios.com is my personal web site. I use this place to post random thoughts, words, short (or not so short) articles, photos and imagery that I have created, and occasionally links to other items or sites that I find interesting. So, it’s kind of a place for my mind to release itself, as well as a place for me to play with and explore technology, web publishing and communicating with the world-at-large. You will find words or pictures on all sorts of things here, depending on my mood or thoughts or what I’ve been up to. Some of this may interest you, much may not.

My personal interests include exploring photography, a love of music and Glastonbury festival, and a few other geeky pastimes and childhood influences that will forever be at the core of my being.

I am co-founder of bta.com and I’m an IT networking and Internet services consultant and troubleshooter by day in arguably the world’s greatest cosmopolitan city, London. Yet whilst I enjoy exploring the cityscape I’m not a city person at heart and I live, once again, by the sea, where I first grew up.

So, work+play: These are the main things you are likely to find discussed here.

And maybe the odd original cat picture or two. After all, this is the Internet.

Despite the techie and geeky background and influences I am, though, surprisingly human at times. Please feel free to say hello (politely) — it’s good to communicate. You can catch me on Twitter as @steamrunner.


Scott Bartlett
Somewhere between London and Devon, United Kingdom, September 2016


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